Reviewer’s Guide

Thanks for taking time out to review a manuscript for International Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. In this page, we endeavour to provide guidance and resources for our peer reviewers.

Training for Reviewers

The House of Commons Science & Technology Committee published it’s report on peer review in scientific publications  and it’s well worth a read. It can be downloaded here.

Lovejoy et al (2011) have published a primer for novice as well as seasoned reviewers on undertaking, presenting and submitting of reviews to editorial team. It can be downloaded here.

We encourage our reviewers to undertake this FREE, online training course on Peer reviewing, provided by Cochrane Eyes and Vision Group. You can register and view the course here. While it is heavily biased towards Eyes and Vision systematic reviews as conducted by Cochrane Collaboration, we feel that these are pertinent to all aspects of biomedical and rehabilitation critical appraisal and reviews.

The review process with IJPTR

Upon being invited to review an IJPTR manuscript, you will receive a short email with a direct link to the article. The email title will read:

“(reviewer) has been invited to review (article) by (editor)”

Please respond to this email at your earliest convenience to confirm or decline your interest in providing a review.

You will also be sent a username and password for the IJPTR article processing system.

Once you log into the system, you will see the roles which have been assigned to you in IJPTR system. These may include ‘Author’ and ‘Reviewer’. In order to undertake the peer review of manuscript assigned to you, click on ‘Reviewer’. The next screen will show you the manuscript assigned to you for reviewing. You will need to click on the title of manuscript to see the details of the submission to be reviewed.

The next screen will show the details of submission including title, the section of journal in which it is proposed to be published (e.g. original article or review), the abstract, the submission editor and metadata.

The review process in IJPTR is completed in 5 steps -

1. Notify the submissions editor as to whether you will undertake the review. This can be done simply by clicking on ‘Accept’ button. Once you have accepted to review the submission, the due date for submission of review will be highlighted in the review schedule.

2. Then you will need to download the manuscript file and any supplementary files associated with the manuscript. You can review the manuscript and present your comments either within the manuscript as you review it, or in a separate word file.

3. You will need to click on the ‘Review’ icon to submit your comments to the authors and editors.

4. You can upload any additional files for the editor or author to consult.

5. Finally, based on your review of the manuscript, you will need to select a recommendation and click on ‘submit’ to complete the review process.


Though the Editor will provide the timeline allotted for review for each individual case, we would appreciate if you can complete the review within two weeks from accepting to conduct the review. This allows timely response to the submitting authors regarding the publication status of their manucripts.

If at any point during the review process, you have any queries about our review process or the article management system, please contact devdeepahuja (at) ijptr (dot) com at your earliest convenience.


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